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EHedger is a premier full service commodity brokerage offering revenue management services for the agricultural sector. Our roots come from Iowa Grain Company clearing trades on all major exchanges and advising thousands of professional clients. Our experience comes from generations of farming and hedging.

Contact us to learn how we can partner in managing the risk of market volatility and receive a complimentary evaluation of your marketing plan, including your crop insurance coverage.

Powered by Technology

AgYield We utilize the most advanced integrated risk management platform available in the industry. This technology enables effective collaboration between our clients and our brokers to create, test and execute solid marketing plans. More»

"AgYield has been the solution to our need for a holistic marketing approach. By integrating crop insurance, cash contracts, and futures positions with cost of production and expected yield, we can plan and market with confidence. The matrix format answers "what if" questions, providing instant info on our total position. As conditions fluctuate, we have the flexibility to adjust. The staff at E-Hedger provide great support as well as informed interpretation and marketing services."
  • Janet Tregellas, Tregellas Family Farms